Don Bur’s new paper transporter on trial

UK logistics provider Bibby Distribution is trialling a new concept trailer by UK trailer builder, Don Bur, aiming to prevent water ingress from damaging paper reels during transit.

The new design reportedly incorporates a variety of features to waterproof the trailer, including a triple layer floor and armoured wraparound curtains, and will be used to transport paper reels for SAICA Paper across the UK.

SAICA Paper’s UK Logistics Manager, Chris Johnson, said: “By designing and investing in a trailer that is tailored to our business, Bibby Distribution has gone beyond what you’d expect from a traditional 3PL.

“The new trailer [Don Bur has] designed will give us a huge competitive advantage because it should solve the problem of wet claims.

“We’re still very early into the trial but it’s already proving more cost-effective and safer to run, with no wet claims to date despite very wet weather. If the entire fleet comprised this new trailer, I think it would completely transform our operations.”

In addition to custom waterproofing, the trailer incorporates a number of features to increase safety and fuel efficiency.

A remote tyre pressure monitoring system warns when the trailer is at risk of a blow out, a roll stability programme has been specifically designed to prevent accidents, and a ground-level coupling system means drivers no longer need risk injury by going onto the vehicle catwalk.

Bibby Distribution collects, transports and processes around 400,000 tonnes of paper reels a year for SAICA Paper to packaging manufacturers across the UK.

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