DSV orders another 3,000 trailers from Schmitz Cargobull

Having received all of its first 3,000 semi-trailer order from Schmitz Cargobull, DSV Road Holding has placed a second order for another 3,000 trailers from the German trailer builder.

The first S.CS curtain-sider of the second substantial order was handed over to DSV Director of Equipment, Søren Lund, and Deputy Equipment Manager, Flemming Steiness, in February, with the rest to follow over the next two years.

The order reportedly includes S.CS curtain-siders, Universal and Mega trailers.

“We are proud that the framework agreement has been extended by another 3,000 semi-trailers and that we were able to live up to the trust placed in us,” said Boris Billich, Member of the Board at Schmitz Cargobull.

“Our customer values our efforts to set the benchmark for intelligent and efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle industry.”

“Over the past few years, Schmitz Cargobull has proven itself to be a reliable partner,” said Lund.

“The semi-trailer quality, quick and on-schedule delivery, and Europe-wide availability of spare parts are all decisive factors in meeting the quality standard we promise to our customers.”

Upon the specific request of the customer, Schmitz Cargobull equipped all DSV trailers with Ultra-Seal tyre sealant and Westlake tyres.

Ultra-Seal is a preventative tyre sealant that converts any pneumatic tyre into a self-sealing tyre that will maintain air pressure – extending its service life and reducing fuel consumption.

“This makes punctures a thing of the past,” Steiness.

“Ultra-Seal is a repair solution that lasts the complete life of the tyre. Extensive practical tests at DSV have led to impressive results, which made the choice easy to fill every tyre on a DSV trailer with Ultra-Seal. At the same time, we want Westlake tyres fitted because we believe they are the best value for money tyre on the market.”

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