Toll takes transport technology to Thailand

Toll Global Logistics Thailand is improving its local customer service and transport efficiencies with the rollout of its transport data management system across its Thailand operations.

Already tried and tested in its Australian operations, Toll's modelling tool allows customers to obtain product delivery information from origin to destination in real time. It also sends regular notifications from the time products are received from the factory to when they reach the distribution point and finally arrive safely in the hands of the recipient.

Dean Jones, Country Manager, Toll Global Logistics Thailand, said that in today’s world of fast-moving business, Toll is always looking at ways to enhance its technology to support customers so that it can become the top logistics provider in Thailand.

“Toll is proud to assist the supply chain in offering new innovations by delivering the latest technology to customers. Technological development is one of our strengths, as well as our corporate culture, which is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our services by real experts. Therefore, we can be confident that we’re the answer to Thailand’s fast-growing logistics industry,” Jones said.

According to Toll, the technology enables the calculation of transport costs more accurately based on a number of assumptions and differing transport solutions. It considers road network conditions, various truck configurations, country regulations and hub consolidation benefits. 

“Toll’s engineers in Thailand are then able to manage orders and rapidly calculate the cost of distributing these to a specific point or in their totality. This allow us to assess initiative ways in reducing cost and increasing safety within the network,” Jones said.

“Although this technology isn’t new, the fact that we invest in personnel to drive and add value to the solutions we offer, makes us confident that the technology will help us come up with new ideas to reduce costs and increase transport safety. (This allows us) to meet our customers’ needs and offer them the best possible service.”

Kian O'Cleiry, Business Development Manager, Toll Global Logistics Thailand, added that the tool also enables a variety of transport system designs that may be used according to different customer needs, depending on the type of business.

“Our customers can be anyone, from manufacturers to distributors to retailers looking to service their clients as efficiently and compliant as possible. With this technology we’re able to provide an optimised transport solution – a premium service that most local providers are unable to offer,” O’Cleiry said.

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