UK fleet invests in Gray & Adams trailers

UK-based temperature-controlled logistic solutions provider DFDS Logistics Belfast has ordered six specialised refrigerated semi-trailers from UK trailer builder Gray & Adams.

The operator’s latest consignment includes its first two 44-pallet double-deck trailers and four Eurorail (round rail) single-deckers for transporting hanging pork.

The new 44-pallet twin-deck trailers boast a 10 per cent increase in productivity capacity compared to the standard 26-pallet capacity on a 13.6m semi-trailer.

The Eurorail trailers' rails allow the hanging pork to be moved seamlessly on and off reducing manual handling. 

DFDS Logistics Belfast General Manager, Michael Houston, said: “Gray & Adams is a long-standing supplier to our business and we rely on it for any temperature-controlled transport equipment requiring a bespoke design.

“The 44-pallet trailers are a ‘first’ for our business. The fact that we can now carry more pallets per trip has allowed us to increase efficiency, while also reducing our fuel costs and, as a result, cutting our carbon emissions.

“We’ve used the pork hangers before, but these new ones are a more modern version. As such they incorporate several enhancements, including the manufacturer’s latest, aerodynamic panel cappings, which contribute to fuel efficiency.”

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