US Transportation Secretary Foxx gives final speech

Outgoing US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, has emphasised the importance of freight movement in his final speech at the Transportation Research Board, a division of the National Research Council of the United States.

According US news outlet, Transport Topics, Foxx pointed out that transportation policy is not just about individual mobility, but also the movement of freight.

“I want to thank Congress for recognising the importance of freight,” Foxx said, adding that a multimodal approach will be necessary to build an integrated transportation system for the United States in the future.

Foxx also used his farewell appearance to note his department had accomplished the seven ambitious goals he outlined in his first speech at the annual meeting in 2014.

“When the history gets written about this period of time, it [will be seen as] the beginning of a massive transformation [of] how we begin to think about our transportation system,” Transport Topics quoted Foxx.

“Are we better off today than we were four years ago? The answer is yes.”


Foxx’s seven goals included the passage of a new surface transportation bill, improving the US’s NextGen air traffic control system, expanding public-private partnerships in transportation, closing opportunity gaps for disadvantaged communities, outlining a 30-year transportation plan, placing a greater emphasis on the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and embracing technology.

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