Goodyear ventures into telematics industry

Tyre specialist Goodyear has launched a new telematics business unit called Goodyear Proactive Solutions.

The new business, for now focusing on Europe only, will reportedly offer a suite of Vehicle-To-Fleet operations management solutions based on telematics and predictive analytics technology.

“Using intelligent computer algorithms, a wealth of data derived from Goodyear's extensive commercial tyre and service business, and clear, accurate reporting, the solutions allow fleet operators to precisely identify and resolve tyre-related and potential safety issues before they happen,” the company said in a media statement.

Goodyear’s Vehicle-To-Fleet service is meant to enable fleets to monitor their vehicles and tyres in real time and allow them to keep up with the digitisation trend currently sweeping through the commercial vehicle industry

Michel Rzonzef, Vice-President of Commercial Business at Goodyear Europe, Middle-East and Africa, commented, “We are witnessing a transformational shift that is reshaping commercial trucking.

“In a digital economy, consumers and businesses expect deliveries to be faster, cheaper and more flexible, and in response the industry is becoming increasingly connected and automated.

“Goodyear Proactive Solutions offers fleet managers a one-stop, user-friendly solution to help reduce their total cost of operations and improve the uptime, efficiency and sustainability of their fleets.”

Goodyear is reportedly hoping to avoid up to 75 per cent of tyre-related breakdowns and up to 70 per cent of tyre maintenance costs by taking on a data-based approach to tyre management.

“These connected and fully automated solutions enable fleets to maximise tyre performance and schedule proactive maintenance.”

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