Growth spurt ends for European commercial vehicle market

Demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU decreased by 2.4 per cent in October, breaking a 21-month trend of consecutive growth.

According to the latest set of registration data published by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA), the decline affected all segments and all major markets, except for Italy, which saw registrations rise 47.9 per cent.

Overall sales registrations the region came in at 185,055 units in October, with Germany down 15 per cent, the UK down 6.4 per cent, Spain down 5.7 per cent and France losing 5.6 per cent.

“Over the first ten months of 2016, new registrations in the EU nevertheless remained positive,” ACEA said, stating a +11.6 per cent increase year-on-year to about 1.9 million vehicles.

“During that period, Italy (+41.1 per cent), Spain (+10.8 per cent), France (+8.3 per cent), Germany (+8.1 per cent), and the United Kingdom (+2.1 per cent) all posted growth.”

ACEA added that registrations of new heavy commercial vehicles decreased notably (-7.7%) compared to October last year, totalling 26,324 units.

“Among the big five markets, Italy (+35.3%) showed the highest percentage growth, while demand for new [heavy vehicles] in Germany (-17.4%), the United Kingdom (-16.3%), Spain (-8.7%) and France (-4.3%) dropped significantly.”

Ten months into the year, demand for new heavy trucks is still positive, though (+12.4%), with 244,303 new vehicles being registered in the EU.

All major markets made a positive contribution to the overall upturn, especially the Italian (+37.0%) and French (+13.5%) ones with their double-digit increases.

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