French fleet orders 70 Kögel Cargo Coils

France-based transport and logistics company, the Alainé Group, has invested in 70 new Cargo Coil trailers from German trailer builder, Kögel.

The Cargo Coil trailers will join the Alainé Group's freight-forwarding division, which reportedly includes more than 1,000 trailers used across France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Portugal and Belgium.

According to the OEM, the 70 Cargo Coils are designed to be highly stable while still lightweight, using a steel frame with a shaped coil trough and a 120mm-high frame neck.

The trailers can transport up to 30 tonnes of coils or split strips with a diameter of 900 to 2,100mm in the 7,200mm-long standard coil trough.

Standard load securing includes two pairs of stake pockets fitted in the coil trough, one at the front end of the trough and one at a distance of approximately 2,050mm to hold square pipe stanchions. The Alainé Group's trailers also include an extra six pairs of stake pockets for square pipe insertable stakes.

Kögel added there are also 13 pairs of lashing rings set into the external frame. At the request of Alainé, all trailers are equipped with four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings with 12 tonnes of test force for ship and ferry transport.

A front- and rear-sliding roof is included for easy loading and unloading of the coils from the top, and 16 coil trough covers ensure that the coil trough can be covered quickly and safely. The floor load-bearing capacity of the coil trough covers is designed to withstand high forklift loads of up to 5,460kg.

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