President of Poland celebrates Wielton’s success

Polish trailer builder, Wielton, has been awarded an Economic Award of the President of Poland in the 'National Success' category.

At a Gala in the southeastern city of Rzeszów, Poland's President, Andrew Duda, presented the statuette prize to Wielton's Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dr Paul Szataniak.

The prestigious awards are presented across four main categories, including Leader of Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), National Success, International Success and Responsible Business, and two 'special' categories, Start-up and Research and Development.

According to the Poland Kongres website, Wielton's 'National Success' Award is presented to Polish businessmen who have shown sustainable growth and balanced development of their companies in the last five years and set an example for other companies.

The nominees are chosen by a Jury of 'outstanding Polish specialists' in economy, enterprises and journalism.

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