Dorsey develops aluminium trailer series

Alabama, US-based trailer builder, Dorsey Trailer, has introduced a new Aluminium Giant all-aluminium platform trailer series including a flat top and drop deck design.

Reportedly designed and engineered for significant weight savings, payload capacity and corrosion resistance, the all-aluminium trailer has a capacity of 80,000lbs (36.29 tonnes) evenly distributed and an available 52,000lbs (23.6 tonnes) capacity in four feet (1.22m)

The Dorsey Aluminium Giant Series boasts a one-piece welded I-beam design. According to Dorsey, the pre-cambered, no bolt construction is stronger, lasts longer and lowers end user operating cost.

Aluminium Giant trailers feature five-inch extruded channel cross members on 15-inch centres and a coil package while maintaining a starting tare weight under 8,900lbs (four tonnes).

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