SAF-Holland releases fifth wheel safety system

Heavy-duty equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has launched a new automatic lighting system to help drivers ensure a proper coupling on fifth wheels.

The Electronic Lock Indicator technology enhanced (ELI-te) system uses LED lights to indicate coupling status of the fifth wheel. Four high-intensity white lights illuminate when correctly coupled and daytime-visible red LED lights flash from both sides of the fifth wheel if incorrectly coupled.

“The lights make it easy for drivers to positively confirm that they have coupled correctly, and warn them if they have not. It’s a new generation of safety,” said Mark Molitor, SAF-Holland Vice President of Engineering, Americas.

“It’s an engineered, all-in-one system that will be spec’d by on-highway fleets that are looking to empower drivers to accomplish correct coupling consistently.”

The ELI-te is available as an integrated option on the Holland FW35 series fifth wheels, and can also be retrofitted.

Sensors and shatterproof lamp modules are combined with the system’s sealed, one-piece electrical harness, which requires only a low-current connection to the vehicle electrical power. For converter dolly applications, the electrical connection is designed to be compatible with ABS status signals.

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