Polish OEM Wielton celebrates 20th anniversary

Polish OEM Wielton has celebrated its 20th year as a trailer building company by hosting more than 500 guests at a gala event.

At the event, Wielton CEO, Mariusz Golec, emphasised the growth of what was once a small company building 70 trailers per year, which now employs over 2,000 people and produces 12,000 trailers yearly.

Now, Wielton supplies products to 35 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and it now boasts four manufacturing plants in four different countries with the latest robotic technology.

“Our success is actually mainly due to our customers and our suppliers,” said Golec.

“You can see how much work awaits us in the near future to be able to not only strengthen our position as number three in Europe, but also to think about something else. Something that will complement the road we started down 20 years ago. We have a constant hunger for more success that sets the tone and pushes us forward.”

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