IAA: KERS trailer to headline SDC display

UK-based trailer manufacturer, SDC, has announced the display of its Kinetic Energy Recovery System semi-trailer at the upcoming IAA Commercial Vehicle Show.

href=””>Launched at the CV Show in Birmingham, UK, earlier this year, the KERS prototype unit has since undergone numerous road trials conducted by logistics operator, Eddie Stobart.

According to SDC, the technology can deliver a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 25 per cent, and also boasts a regenerative braking system designed to capture energy during vehicle deceleration and store it in a bank of graphene ultra-capacitors using static electricity.

SDC will aim to push those features at IAA. “The innovative KERS is set to revolutionize the future of road freight transportation with trailer considerable benefits for the operator, the customer and the environment,” said Jimmy Dorrian, SDC’s Engineering Manager.

The KERS innovation is one of three trailers SDC introduce in Hannover. The company will also display a new hospitality trailer, as well as a new skeletal container chassis, which SDC has built with the operator in mind. “The smart design allows containers to be moved to the rear of the trailer for ease of loading and off-loading,” SDC said. “The skeletal trailer is adaptable to all standard container sizes including 20-foot heavy and complies with European height restrictions for the international operator.”

SDC will also host a press conference on IAA stand FG P58, at 1.30pm, on Thursday, 22 September, with information on all of the company’s new product developments.

In addition, the KERS trailer has also been shortlisted for the prestigious trailer innovation award in the ‘Concept’ category, which will be announced at an award presentation on Friday, 23 September at the fairgrounds Convention Center.

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