BPW partners with Spanish EBS specialist

German company BPW has entered into a Joint Venture with Spain-based EBS specialist, Cojali.

The new company – named Cojali Systems – will be headquartered in Campo de Criptana, Spain.

“The aim of Cojali Systems is to bring together both BPW's and Cojali's competencies and skills in order to create superior products and services for the worldwide truck and trailer markets,” the two companies said in a joint press release.

“BPW brings in its leading market position and its Europe-wide spare parts dealer network together with expert knowledge in running gear and telematics. Cojali brings in its deep knowledge in EBS diagnostic systems and aftersales EBS products.”

According to BPW, going into the Joint Venture is the “logical next step” to enhance its position as mobility partner for fleet operators.

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