US carrier specs SAF-Holland gear for 1,800 new trailers

Heavy vehicle equipment specialist SAF-Holland has announced that Tennessee-based carrier US Xpress is equipping 1,800 of its new Wabash National and Hyundai Translead trailers with SAF ULX40 Slider Suspension Axle Systems, with its new P89 Air Disc Brake.

“The technology aboard our trucks has been placed there because we want our drivers to focus on the job at hand – safely and efficiently delivering our customers’ cargo,” said Gerald Mead, Senior Vice President of Maintenance at US Xpress.

“The New P89 air disc brake technology allows us to further this commitment to safety.”

The ULX40 is an integrated, lightweight spring ride suspension and axle system, while the New P89 air disc brake is comprised of reliable standard features including heavy duty vented rotors, premium bearings and seals, and the SAF SBS 2220 caliper.

“The New P89 air disc brake builds on the confidence that we have already established with SAF-Holland, having used the SAF suspension for over four years,” said Mead.

Jeff Talaga, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Development, Americas, SAF-Holland, added, “Knowing that US Xpress focuses on incorporating leading-edge technology, we are pleased that they chose our P89 air disc brake solution.

“We understand the high standard of quality they require, and appreciate the confidence they place in us.”

According to SAF-Holland, in addition to the ULX40 equipped with the New P89, US Xpress also will fit its trailers with Holland Atlas FastGear landing gear.

(Image L-R: Gerry Mead – Senior Vice President of Maintenance at US Xpress, Steffen Schewerda, President, Americas, SAF-Holland)

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