SAF-Holland unveils trailer drive axle

SAF­-Holland has unveiled a new, hydraulically driven trailer driver axle that is able to support the powered unit during inclines and on difficult terrain.

According to US-German component specialist, the new Trak model is supposed to provide transport businesses operating in the construction or waste industry with an alternative to often-costly multi-drive trucks.

“The integrated additional drive takes the required performance precisely where it is needed – right to the trailer. Here, the drive axle carries the full axle load and is able to transmit all of the drive torque,” the company said in a media release, revealing that the drive itself has been developed by French company Poclain.

According to SAF-Holland, the driver is able to activate the auxiliary drive from the cab at the push of a button. The system then automatically recognises the direction of travel and switches on if speed is reduced due to a lack of traction; otherwise it will be run in stand-by mode – for example if a pre-defined speed is exceeded or the brakes are applied.

“SAF-Holland Trak is an investment that becomes profitable in everyday operation in the long run [as it] allows for higher loads and will still be in use when many tractor units no longer are – an investment, in other words, that definitely pays off,” commented Vincent Koel, Fleets Europe Director at SAF-Holland.

With the construction industry in mind, the new axle is fitted with reinforced shock absorbers and can be easily be retrofitted. Wear parts such as brake discs, brake pads, air springs and wheel bearings are reportedly identical to standard equipment to simplify servicing and parts management.

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