DHL Supply Chain opens multi-million facility in Singapore

In a move to meet the challenges of the fourth Industrial Revolution, DHL Supply Chain has opened launched a new Advanced Regional Centre in Singapore.

Built at an investment of more than S$160 million (€105 million), the new 90,000m2 facility features an S$18.8 million (€12.4 million), multi-customer automation system featuring advanced robotics.

The technological enhancement uses 130 robotic shuttles to pick and store products from 72,000 locations spread across 26 levels, improving picking efficiency by 20 per cent and utilising 40 per cent less space than conventional warehousing operations, DHL Supply Chain explained.

“As an organization, our spirit thrives on a hunger for new knowledge and innovations that we can bring to customers to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution,” said D. Frank Appel , Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Post DHL Group.

“We see the Asian region as a swift adopter of technologies for enhanced productivity and efficiency. By 2020, Asia will constitute 30 per cent of our total revenue. Facilities like the Advanced Regional Centre offer a ready model of innovations that reduce complexity, improve accuracy and maximize opportunities for productivity gains.”

Kelvin Wong, Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, added, “We are witnessing a pivotal chapter in the transformation of the Singapore logistics industry, as these best-in-class supply chain practices exemplified by DHL's Advanced Regional Centre start to take off in Singapore.”

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