Idem Telematics to support PEMA fleet

BPW subsidiary, Idem Telematics has announced it will be joining forces with PEMA, a manufacturer-independent rental company specialising in heavy-duty combinations.

“To achieve optimum fleet management, Pema offers a comprehensive range of telematics products for the monitoring of rental trucks, semi-trailers and swap bodies. To do this, the rental company works closely with the telematics specialists of the BPW Group,” said Udo Brestel, Head of Sales Germany at PEMA,

“With Idem, we have found a strong partner that can offer a complete portal solution for the data from trucks and trailers. It was this integrative approach that won us over.”

He explained, “[Idem’s] telematics solution can be interfaced with vehicles that are not part of the PEMA rental fleet, namely the haulier’s own vehicles. Because the data from all vehicles are bundled in a single portal and are available at a single glance, the result is far more efficient workflows at transport companies.”

According to Brestel, the modular design of Idem’s Cargofleet Trailer Gateway telematics solution
enables transport companies to individually determine a suite of variables: Is the truck driving economically? At what speed are orders arriving at their destination? Which towing vehicle is the trailer coupled to? What is the temperature inside the refrigerated box?

“Answers to these questions are provided by the so-called hubs that are flexibly connected to an on-board computer in the vehicles. The computer covers the basic functions of locating, truck/trailer coupling status, and EBS data,” said Thomas Piller, Managing Director of Idem.

“The use of telematics in trucks and trailers gives rise to a considerable gain in efficiency and safety for transport companies. PEMA has recognised this, and we are pleased that the company is advancing its services with Idem Telematics.”

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