ITF to launch Decarbonising Transport project

The International Transport Forum (ITF) has launched a new initiative – dubbed Decarbonising Transport – to support international decision makers in establishing a pathway toward carbon-neutral transport.

“Transport generated over 23 per cent of global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in 2013,” ITF said in a media statement.

“This share is set to grow as transport demand increases. Transport urgently needs to find a pathway towards providing carbon-neutral mobility. Technological progress is important but not enough.”

The Decarbonising Transport initiative, anchored in the ITF’s Corporate Partnership Board, is meant to bring together ITF’s modelling capabilities with those of outside partners, to provide worldwide, data-driven modelling of policy outcomes.

“The modelling results will in turn feed dialogue, collaboration and mutual learning among all stakeholders to establish a commonly acceptable roadmap to zero-carbon transport.

“There will be different paths and schedules across transport modes and regions of the world, but driven by a common ambition of reaching carbon-neutral mobility within the next 35 to 50 years.”

The Decarbonising Transport project will be officially inaugurated on 19 May at ITF’s 2016 Summit in Leipzig, Germany.

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