Wilhelmsen Ships Service handles complex cargo

Maritime service provider, Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS), has recently transported offshore marine equipment from the United Arab Emirates to Germany.

According to WSS, the cargo consisted of 10 packages of pile driving accessories for onshore and offshore installation, including a 13m long, 123-tonne hydraulic hammer. 

The logistics services provided reportedly included receiving packages on trailers, inland transport to Abu Dhabi, export customs clearance and inspection, stevedoring operations and ocean freight to Hamburg.

According to Niju Joseph John, Sales Development Manager for WSS in Abu Dhabi, the project represented a genuine challenge.

“The massive weight and huge dimensions of these components required a very specialised set of skills that few of our competitors can manage,” John said.

“Our ability to combine both our ship’s agency and maritime logistics competence is a significant advantage for complex logistics projects like this.”

Christer Bonde, Regional Maritime Logistics Director for WSS in the region, said that WSS has been in Dubai for almost 40 years.

“The pace of economic development in the region has allowed us to get involved in some interesting projects,” Bonde said.

“We’ve moved everything from Formula One powerboats to mega yachts, massive steel pipelines to windmill towers and blades.”

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