New under-carriage aerodynamics solution unveiled

US start-up EkoStinger is trying to break into the booming North American trailer aerodynamics market with a movable under-carriage device.

The arrow-shaped structure is mounted in front of a trailer’s axle group to divert airflow around the axles, suspension and wheel section.

Yet unlike common side skirts, the device can be adjusted according to the axle group position, according to the Rochester, New York based company.

The structure is mounted on tracks to enable the sliding, and also features a long plastic sheet that covers the frame rails and cross members to reduce turbulence there.

“Our patented system moves with [the axle group], keeping the aerodynamics consistent through the full range of motion, saving fuel at all tandem placements and trailer loads,” the company explained. “The cross member cover … protects the bottom of the trailer from road debris, snow, salt and corrosion.”

The company claimed its SmartWay verified and CARB-approved device would lead to improvements in fuel consumption between four and six per cent, while adding some 134kg to the total weight tally.

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