Kraker launches insulated moving floor system

Netherlands-based trailer manufacturer, Kraker Trailers, has released updates to a range of its trailing equipment, including its moving floor, agriculture, automatic tarps and refrigerated products.

In response to changing legislation, Kraker has developed its CF-Agri trailer with Dutch low-loader specialist, Veldhuizen. According to Kraker, a farm tractor with a drawbar and coupling pulls the CF-Agri on the farmland, but for on-road transport the drawbar can be folded away for coupling to a truck with a standard kingpin on the fifth wheel.

Kraker has also announced that the moving floors on its CFS ISO refrigerated trailers are now insulated, alongside the walls, doors and headboard. The insulated floor system (front drive system) has been developed in cooperation with Cargo Floor. According to Kraker, the new CF ISO has special floor profiles and a low neck cool trailer chassis. 

After passing “all possible tests”, most of the welded joints on the company’s K-Force moving floor have been replaced by bolts allowing it to be transported across Europe in self-assembly kits, the company said.

Kraker’s automated tarp system, the SafeRoof, has passed the prototype stage and is now ready for installation on new trailers or retrofitted. After passing “all possible tests” the tarp can be operated remotely and also has a manual override feature.

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