PSI and Meritor celebrate production milestone

Pressure Systems International (PSI) has celebrated the production of the one-millionth tyre inflation system on behalf of axle and suspension specialist, Meritor.

To celebrate the occasion, the finished milestone unit was unpackaged during an official ceremony in San Antonio and disassembled into different components, each of which will be incorporated into one of 31 trailers currently under production for Meritor fleet customers.

Since 1993, PSI and Meritor’s system has addressed concerns about tyre pressure loss by automatically maintaining proper and even pressure at all times, the company noted.

In doing so, the so-called 'MTIS by PSI' system is said to extend tyre life by up to 10 per cent and increase fuel economy by an average of 1.4 per cent.

“In 1993, it would have been impossible to measure the impact an automatic tire inflation system would have on the trucking industry,” said American Trucking Associations (ATA) President and CEO, Bill Graves, keynote speaker at the celebration.

“The fact that now over one million systems have been produced is a true testament to the safety and environmental impact automatic tire inflation systems are having on transportation.”

“Manufacturing one million units is a milestone that far exceeds our competitors and speaks to our market leadership for a product with a growing customer base,” said Tim Musgrave, President and CEO for PSI.

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