EU commercial vehicle market continues to grow

Demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU jumped 14.7 per cent in September, marking the ninth consecutive growth month, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

Growth was sustained across all commercial vehicle segments, with Spain (+53.2 per cent) and the UK (+19.9 per cent) seeing a double-digit expansion.

France (+9.7 per cent) and Italy (+4.9 per cent) also saw notable uptake, while Germany remained stable (+0.6 per cent).

The heavy equipment segment (over 16 tonnes) saw a healthy 20.2 per cent increase in September, with Spain jumping a record 79.3 per cent, still benefiting from a government incentive program rolled out locally.

Italy (+56.4 per cent), the UK (+26.7 per cent) and France (+20.5 per cent) all posted double-digit growth as well.

Nine months into the year, the EU as a whole market expanded (+12.2 per cent), totalling 1,517,247 commercial vehicles.

Spain (+38.6 per cent), the UK (+19.2 per cent), Italy (+10.0 per cent), Germany (+2.2 per cent) and France (+1.9 per cent) all posted growth over the first three quarters.

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