Parker launches new Deck Height Control system

Parker has released a new Deck Height Control system for the trailer industry.

According to the globally renowned manufacturer, the new technology was designed to allow for a safer and more efficient loading and unloading process by lowering and raising a trailer’s deck height from inside the vehicle.

“When reversed to the loading bay, the deck height is usually adjusted up or down by the standard air suspension valve handle. However, as the operator is loading or unloading, the trailer the height changes as the load on the trailer changes,” the company explained.

“Without the Parker deck system, the deck height needs to be adjusted using the standard air suspension valve handle positioned on the outside of the trailer, requiring the operator to leave the loading bay, taking valuable loading/ unloading time.

“[With the Parker system,] the raise and lower controls are easily accessed inside the trailer, eliminating the need for the driver to continually mount and dismount the deck and loading bay to adjust it on the side of the trailer.”

According to Parker, the Deck Height Control system can be fitted between the standard air suspension valve and the air bags in the existing suspension system, isolating the levelling valve and providing raise and lower controls inside of the vehicle.

To ensure the suspension system reverts back to ride condition, the system is automatically reset by an electrical EBS signal.

In normal running mode, the trailer deck is maintained at the correct ride height by way of the standard air suspension valve and levelling valve both positioned on the chassis.

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