UK car transport expert trialling Ringfeder coupling

UK transport and logistics company DF Services has expanded its fleet with a special car transport trailer made by Rolfo. 

Based in Queensborough, Kent, DF Services said the new trailer made choosing the right coupling to go with it  “a real challenge” due to the high centre of gravity.

“In the UK, the car transporter draw bar layout tends to be based around a short prime mover with a long close coupled trailer,” the company said in a media statement.

“This configuration optimises the amount of load space available within the legal 18.75m and also takes full advantage of exceeding the European four-metre height restriction. However, the high centre of gravity can give an adverse effect on general handling and stability.”

To counteract that effect, DF Services fitted Ringfeder’s latest 5085 T ball type coupling, with driver Neil Fennell claiming the combination to be the “most stable car transporter” he has ever driven. 

“Ringfeder … has created a design which is simple in both concept and construction,” commented Fleet Engineer, Rob Woollett. “Compared with a regular pin type coupling, the Ringfeder has no free play so there is less likelihood of wear potential between moving components.”

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