Westdijk invests in Faymonville equipment

The Swedish branch of Dutch transport company Westdijk has taken delivery of six Faymonville semi-trailers.

“The choice of the semi-trailers was made in such a way to take a strong position within the market in different transport sections,” Roger Arvidsson, CEO of Westdijk Sweden, said.

According to Faymonville, Westdijk started off in 2014 with an eight-axle MultiMAX semi-trailer with double extension and pendle axles. According to Faymonville, the flexible bearings compensate for unevenness and ensure optimal contact with the ground, providing low operating costs and longevity of tyres.

Westdijk then consecutively ordered two, three and four– axle MegaMAX semi-trailers with pendle axles, as well as a MultiMAX semi-trailer “Twin Axle II” with independent suspension and a minimum load height of 780mm, which allows the transport of high goods within permissible height regulations.

Arvidsson applauded Faymonville’s customer service: “Our contact person at Faymonville, Christoph Prümmer, is very qualified and assists us in every question. This is also a very deciding factor.”

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