GEFCO acquires IJS Global

French logistics company GEFCO has acquired Dutch transport company IJS Global in a move to consolidate its position in China, South-East Asia and the United States.

According to GEFCO, the take-over will also help it expand its customer portfolio, “particularly in the fields of pharmaceutics, high-tech products and humanitarian action”.

“Greatly complementing that of GEFCO, the IJS Global network strengthens the Group's presence in the world’s two primary freight forwarding areas, China and South-East Asia on the one hand, and the USA on the other hand,” GEFCO said.

“IJS Global also allows GEFCO to gain a foothold in the Australian market and extend its European network in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany.”

Following the take-over of Italian company Mercurio in 2011, the new acquisition is part of a long-term growth strategy, according to GEFCO.

The Group said it primarily targets intermediate companies that are immediately operational and complementary to its expertise and site locations, in order to strengthen its service offer for customers in the manufacturing space.

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