Aktaş Holding sets sights on China

Aktaş Holding, the Turkish company behind air spring brand Airtech, is investigating new investment opportunities in China, according to CEO, Sami Erol.

After visiting an Aktaş Holding plant in Huzhou City in the Changxing regio, Erol said he returned with “positive results”.

Erol stated that China offers “quite attractive opportunities for international entrepreneurs”, specifically emphasising that there are significant investment areas for the Turkish corporation.

During his visit, he reportedly conducted studies on general processes in the plant, receny developments in the region as well as planning financial subjects.

Erol said that Aktaş Holding has been conducting works for development of its existing plants and new projects, underlining that the Chinese market is critical for Aktaş Holding.

(Image: Sami Erol, Aktaş Holding CEO)

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