ITF: 2015 pivotal for transport policy

José Viegas, Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum (ITF), has been appointed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport.

The High-Level Advisory Group was established in 2014 to provide the UN Secretary-General with actionable policy recommendations on sustainable transport on national, local and sectoral levels, and to promote the integration of sustainable transport both in development strategies and climate action.

The group has a three-year mandate and will next convene during the COP21 climate change negotiations in Paris, France, in December of this year.

“This appointment is a reflection of the growing relevance of ITF’s analyses for the global transport policy debate. Being represented in the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Group is cause for pride for ITF as much as a reason to reinforce our efforts,” commented Viegas.

“This is a pivotal year for integrating transport policy into the wider debate on the future of our planet. The UN Sustainable Development Summit in September and the COP21 climate change conference in Paris in December will lay the tracks for future policy direction.

“ITF will bring relevant, evidence-based insights to the table and support in every way it can Secretary-General Ban’s holistic approach that includes the transport dimension in shaping responses to issues such as climate change and human development.”

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