Cartwright launches tri-temp trailer

UK body and trailer manufacturer Cartwright has announced the launch of a new 'triple temperature' model with a so-called moving deck system at the TCS&D show.

Cartwright Technical Director, Lionel Curtis, commented, “Currently supermarkets generally run tri-temp straight trailers or tri-temps with a fixed double deck. We have taken what we believe is the unprecedented step of launching a triple temperature trailer with a moving deck.

“Our new trailer is in response to customer demand and effectively opens up the real possibility of tri-temp (refrigerated) lifting decks carrying out store deliveries. At the moment (many) supermarkets do store deliveries with single temps and in some cases with two temperatures with lifting decks.”

The new Cartwright model is a 44-pallet direct drive hydraulic lifting deck trailer with a capacity for eight pallets of frozen products and 18 pallets each of chilled and controlled ambient products, boasting a hydraulic moving deck, direct drive hydraulic and high lift suspension.

Cartwright also undertook development work to optimise air flow in all three compartments and to provide an even temperature distribution when loaded.

Curtis added, “We are excited that the new Tri-temp trailer with a lifting deck will offer supermarkets the capacity for the first time to have one single journey to a store with all three temperatures.”

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