Historic move for Faymonville

Belgian heavy equipment expert Faymonville has assisted in the move of a historical 400-tonne ferry in Turkey. The ‘Halas 71’ – a 52m passenger ferry built in 1914 by the Fairfield Shipping in Glasgow – recently had to be moved to Turkey, where it is set to receive a new lease on life as a private charter boat.

According to Faymonville, Turkish Transport company Caba used the self-propelled heavy-load transport module PowerMAX from Faymonville to move the historic ship to the port.

“The PowerMAX modular vehicles are the logical continuation of the proven ModulMAX concept,” Faymonville commented.

“The heavy-load modules with hydraulically driven drive axles are the perfect solution where conventional heavy-load tractor units no longer have sufficient pulling force to move extremely heavy loads, or if the use of tractor units has to be dispensed with altogether for reasons of space.”

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