Global M&A overview Part 1

Global consultancy PwC found that international deals in the transport and logistics sector are becoming fewer, but larger in size.

In Part 1 of Global Trailer's first mergers and acquisitions overview, Global Trailer went back in time to summarise some of the key commercial developments in global trailer building between late 2012 and today:

1) In 2012, US company Great Dane enters into a strategic partnership Chinese company Henan Bingxiong Refrigerated Truck Co., known under the name Ice Bear.


2) In May 2012, Wabash National acquires Walker Group Holdings, a Wisconsin-based producer of liquid transportation systems, for an all-cash purchase price of US$360 million.


3) In late 2012, German OEM Kögel signs a Letter of Intent with China’s Weichai Holding Group to collaborate in the field of semi-trailer manufacturing. There has been no official update since.


4) German trailer giant Schmitz Cargobull and Dongfeng Motor Company sign a joint venture agreement in November 2012 to set up a joint trailer building facility in Wuhan. The factory is now in operation.


5) In early 2013, US trailer manufacturer Wabash National invests US$15 million to acquire Beall's Portland manufacturing facility at a bankruptcy-court approved auction.


6) In a move to increase its refrigerated semi-trailer production capacity, Dubai-based trailer brand Gorica purchases a suite of plant equipment from German company Krone in early 2014.


7) Manac, the largest manufacturer of trailers in Canada, acquires fellow Canadian company Peerless Limited for $14.75 million in cash in July 2014.


8) In mid-2014, Chinese-German start-up CIMC Silvergreen decides not to take up production after a four-year development phase. The newly built €30 million site in the south of Germany is currently not in use.


9) In November 2014, US company Talbert Manufacturing acquires fellow trailer building company Ferree Trailers, located in North Carolina.


10) After a substantial organisational re-shuffle, New Zealand’s Steelbro brand ends up being purchased by Western Australian OEM Howard Porter in December 2014.


11) In February 2015, German OEM Krone takes full ownership of Krone Doğuş Treyler, a joint venture established with Turkish company Doğuş Otomotiv in 2007.


12) In April 2015, German trailer giant Schmitz Cargobull announces a joint venture with Australian family business Krueger Transport Equipment to develop a multi-combination model specifically for the Australian market.


13) Also in May 2015, Chinese company Xinfei finalises the acquisition of French trailer and truck body firm, Lamberet.


14) In May 2015, up-and-coming Polish OEM Wielton buys a 65.31 per cent stake in French icon Fruehauf for an estimated €9.5 million.

*Keep an eye out for Part 2 in Global Trailer 24. Coming soon!

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