Refrigerated transport facing next technology challenge

A new white paper issued by UK company Blue Tree Systems to analyse key challenges in refrigerated transport argues that investing in new automated technology could help transport businesses handle changing food safety regulations, the increasing complexity of refrigeration units and rising cargo values.

“Some transporter operators aren’t as prepared as they could be when things go wrong with a refrigerated load,” said Gary Sheedy, UK and Ireland Sales Director for Blue Tree.

“Refrigeration unit complexity, driver error and late notification from data-loggers leave transportation organisations wide open to the potential for rejected loads, insurance claims, contract loss and reputational damage. Our white paper helps carriers understand the key challenges – and what they can do to address them.”

Sheedy explained that automated, real-time, two-way systems with documented reporting are now needed to cope with issues such as hot loads, equipment failure, driver error, late notification, post-incident paper trails, regulations compliance and the lack of remote control.
“Transporters of temperature-sensitive goods will need to develop and implement procedures to describe how they will comply with provisions for temperature control and how they will provide this information to both shippers and receivers. Drivers will need to be trained on temperature management and reporting requirements, and temperature records for each shipment will need to be retained.”

Image: Carrier/ Culina

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