Dennison Trailers receives 350 skel order

UK container transport company Maritime Transport has placed an order with Dennison Trailers for 350 sliding skeletal trailers.

According to Dennison, this order is part of an ongoing renewal programme at Maritime Transport, who is replacing its existing fleet of Dennison trailers with the latest skeletal model fitted with SAF-Holland Intradrum axles and Continental tyres.

In addition the trailers are built to full ADR specifications, which includes Aspock lights and RDC for safety in reverse.

So far, Dennison Trailers have delivered 150 of the 350-trailer order and the remaining batch will arrive over the next four weeks.

“We are sure the quality of the Dennison trailers will complement our services well and our outstanding relationship with them will continue to flourish,” said Stuart Wardlaw, Fleet Engineer at Maritime Transport.

Wardlaw reportedly described Maritime Transport as a business on a quest to deliver the highest quality distribution services to suppliers across the UK, and recognised that the support of family owned and run business Dennison Trailers.

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