Wielton appoints new CEO

Mariusz Golec has replaced Andrew Szczepek as the CEO of Polish trailer manufacturer Wielton, who led the company for the past five years and recently oversaw the acquisition of France’s iconic Fruehauf brand.

According to Wielton, Golec, who will also act as Chairman of the Board, will be responsible for growing the ambitious brand and make it more competitive in the international trailer-building arena. 

“Under the leadership of Andrew Szczepek, Wielton became a truly European company with a modern approach to management, stable personnel and the production facilities needed for further expansion,” said Pawel Szataniak, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Wielton SA, calling the replacement a “natural” succession.

“[Yet] today it is a company ready to meet new challenges. The mission of the Board for the coming years is to become the third largest European manufacturer of semi-trailers. Mariusz Golec meets the needs of the company in this new stage of development.”

Szataniak said Szczepek’s leadership during the Fruehauf purchase was key to setting Wielton up for future growth. “The acquisition of Fruehauf by Wielton Group opens the way to achieving the position of the third largest European manufacturer of semi-trailers, with an initial production potential of 11 thousand products per year.”

Golec has been associated with Wielton for 16 years and most recently served as Vice President of the company. “[Going forward], we will focus on optimising management and manufacturing processes and find innovative solutions in the area of production, which should translate into quality products and a competitive advantage in the industry,” he said.

“Wielton is already present in more than 35 markets. Now the plan is to conquer more markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.”

Golex said Wielton’s growth will depend on staying true to its core strength of organisational flexibility. He especially pointed out the ability to “quickly adapt to market needs” and to meet customer expectations as a future growth driver.

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