Faymonville presents over-sized inloader model at demo day

Faymonville’s annual ‘demo day’ has seen visitors from 25 countries travel to Belgium last week to learn more about the brand’s CombiMAX and PrefaMAX line.

Especially the modular CombiMAX model left a lasting impression, according to Faymonville, which had a team of mechanics on duty that  converted a 3+5 low bed combination with an intermediate platform into an eight-axle semi low loader with add-on beam live at the premises.

“Faymonville has caught the spirit of the age with the CombiMAX concept, [which combines] modularity, flexibility, speed and efficiency,” the company said.

Also on show was the company’s PrefaMAX model, a so-called ‘inloader’ for the transport of precast concrete.

The variant shown in the Belgian town of Büllingen was telescopically extendable and suitable for carrying over-sized concrete elements.

“This PrefaMax from Faymonville is an absolute world’s first,” the company said. “It can be extended in various steps up to 4,000 mm, [which] allows for a maximum load length of 13,500 mm. This is … the answer to the progressive developments in the concrete and building industry.”

At the demo day, Faymonville also premiered the new MAX510 model from sister company MAX Trailer, a low bed semi-trailer that is meant to drive the brand’s international expansion.

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