TNT transports T Rex Skull

TNT has safely transported a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull from the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in South Dakota, United States, to the Fraunhofer EZRT research institute in Fuerth, Germany.

The 690-kilo skull made the 7,800 km journey from the United States in a 1.90-metre long wooden crate. TNT drove the skull over a distance of 2,785 km from South Dakota to JFK Airport in New York, flew it to its air hub in Liege using a Boeing 747 aircraft, and then trucked it to Fuerth.

The specially branded TNT truck used for the transport was equipped with state-of-the-art tracking technology and driven by 'special services' drivers.

“We are proud to assist the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in bringing a rare T. rex skeleton to Europe,” said Grant Cochrane, Global Special Services Director, TNT.

“At TNT, we have the required expertise and a history of delivering very special cargo. But this is our first opportunity to handle a prehistoric item of such research value.”

The skull belongs to a 66 million-year-old female T. rex excavated in Montana in 2013.

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