Kögel unveils new container chassis

German trailer manufacturer Kögel has unveiled a new, lightweight container chassis.

Labelled Port 40 Light, the new skel is said to weigh in at less than 4,000 kg in the basic version, with a technical gross weight of 41,000 kgand a fifth-wheel load of 14,000 kg.

“This is a technical solution for payloads in excess of 37,000 kg and therefore guarantees maximum cost-effectiveness for intermodal transport,” Kögel said.

“With custom options such as light alloy wheels, aluminium support legs and aluminium air tanks for the braking system, there is scope for reducing the weight of this unit even more.”

To simplify the loading and unloading of containers on a ramp, the rear section of the Port 40 is inset by 70 mm. “That means that the vehicle can get closer to the ramp, and the gap between container and ramp that needs to be bridged with a drive-over panel is correspondingly reduced.

“In the course of the next few months, all other Kögel Port models will gradually be adapted to incorporate this optimised rear section as standard equipment,” Kögel said.

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