Hiab launches new Z-series

Finnish company Hiab has launched the Hiab Z-HiPro 191 and Hiab Z-PRO 171, part of its new Z-series of cranes that can be folded into a Z position and parked behind the cab without removing attachments.

This folding ability reportedly makes the Z-series the only models available that are fully optimised for transport, whilst meeting the latest EU legislation.

According to Hiab, the Z-series cranes have been designed for applications where a high number of load cycles are typically required.

“The compact design of the Z-series allows an easy fit onto modern compact trucks with limited installation space,” said Hans Ohlsson, Director, medium range cranes at Hiab.

“The cranes are fast and precise thanks to the features of the new HiPro control systems and the well-tuned hydraulic system producing high pressure oil flow.”

“The Z-series cranes are 'generalists', and suitable for any task imaginable – you could call them the 'Swiss army knife' of cranes,” said Carl Gustaf Göransson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Markets.

“With the launch of the Z-series, we are filling yet another important gap and broadening our product range. This is an important step for us in our ambition to become the industry benchmark in customer satisfaction.”

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