Cambridge University testing new pneumatic slip-control system

Cambridge University has developed a new braking system that could reduce the stopping distance of a heavy vehicle by 20 per cent.

“For some years, researchers in the Cambridge Vehicle Dynamics Consortium (CVDC) have been working on a slip-control system for emergency braking of heavy goods vehicles with air brakes,” said David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University.

“An experimental articulated vehicle has now been fitted with the system and tested on the MIRA test track in the UK.  It achieves 20 per cent shorter stopping distance than conventional ABS on a low friction surface.”

A video of some the testing has now been published by the BBC

Meanwhile, German company Knorr-Bremse is also working on a new system to shorten the braking distance in a heavy vehicle. More news in an upcoming GT news article.

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