Dutch fleet takes delivery of 10 Talson trailers

Dutch company Talson, a subsidiary of Tirsan Treyler, has delivered 10 carpet carriers to Netherlands-based logistics company Verhoek, which specialises in the transportation of vulnerable goods across the Benelux region, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

“Talson’s TCM TAL model is specially designed for the transportation of carpets rolls, providing a cradle and a front door for easy and efficient loading and unloading operations,” the company commented on the deal.

Reportedly, TCM TAL is one of the few carpet carrier semi-trailers in the market equipped with 385/55R/22.5 tyres as standard while offering a height of 2,900 mm.

“In addition, TCM TAL offers a forklift carriage hole for uninterrupted unloading operation once the final destination is reached,” Talson said.

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