Kögel presents own trailer telematics system

German OEM Kögel is about to present its own trailer telematics system at the upcoming Transport Logistic show in Munich.

According to Kögel, a 1:10 scale model will be displayed in the south of Germany to demonstrate what kind of data will be accessible with the new system – including information on location, driving time and progress, mileage, speed, axle load, tyre pressure, brake wear, EBS and RSS intervention as well as coupling, battery and ignition status.

“To date, Kögel Telematics has been an add-on component that worked together with the web-based portal of a partner, but [we now] use of a completely new system, designed especially for Kögel trailers,” the company said.

“The equally new Kögel web portal or fleet management system can be used by forwarding companies to call up standard ‘PosControl’ telematics data … to monitor and control the temperature inside a refrigerated trailer, document the entire refrigeration chain and inform the user about operating and maintenance cycles or to monitor the temperature of asphalt in a tipper body.”

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