EU Commercial vehicle growth increases

In March 2015, demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU increased for the third consecutive month, marking the highest monthly growth since December 2013 and totalling 223,749 units according to the latest repost from European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

In March 2015, 30,603 new trucks were registered in the EU, showing 21.2 per cent more than in March last year. Major markets the UK (+55.6 per cent), Italy (+42.7 per cent), Spain (+36.3 per cent) and France (+14.9 per cent) posted double‐digit growth, while Germany remained stable.

The results for trucks were diverse across the first three months into the year, with France (‐8.6 per cent) and Germany (‐1.0 per cent) performing less well than in the same period last year, while Italy (+12.7 per cent), Spain (+22.5 per cent) and the UK (+45.1 per cent) recorded significant increases.

Overall, the EU recorded 74,138 new trucks, or 10.7 per cent more than in first quarter of 2014.

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