Fuel-saving trailer design benefits UK fleet

UK plant hire specialist Lomond Plant Group has taken delivery of a new tri-axle step frame from Andover Trailers, fitted with the company’s 'fold-forward' ramps, which can help reduce fuel use to approximately 0.43 km/l.

“We’re confident the ramp design is saving us in the region of 1mpg every day. Over the course of a year that’s a significant advantage,” said Ross Easton, Joint Managing Director at Lomond Plant Group.

According to Andover Trailers, Lomond Plant Group has already placed an order for a second trailer to be delivered by mid year, based on the success of this initial step frame.

In addition to its 1m wide and 2.5m long hydraulic fold-forward ramps – a design pioneered by Andover Trailers – the SFCL 56 model features a low profile neck and side extensions to the deck, bridge and beavertail.

The customer specified SAF-Hollandaxles and air-suspension, as well as other features including hardwood flooring, toolboxes, a chain tray in the bed of the trailer and heavy-duty hydraulic landing legs.

Used to support the family-run business’ expansion into the North West of England, the trailer will be on the road up to six days a week and will operate with a high-spec Scania R580 Topline.

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