Hiab to present new skip loader model

Finnish company Hiab, part of Cargotec, is set to launch a new generation skiploader model.

The Multilift Futura is said to include more than 100 innovations, according to Jussi Katajainen, Product Manager Multilift Demountables at Hiab.

“The new Multilift Futura has been specially designed to meet our customers’ needs,” he said.

“It has features that are totally new to the market, like FlexControl, which [provides you with the] freedom to customise the skiploader, and SkipTop, which covers any load with a touch of a button.”

In addition, Katajainen said the completely re-designed EvoLight steel construction could provide 300-500 kg of additional payload. A special ‘SwanNeck’ design is meant to increase the vehicle’s reach in container handling while maintaining full stability.

“Safety, both for the operator and surroundings, is paramount for Multilift. SafetyPlus innovations such as hydraulic side stops, hydraulic container lock combined with precise controls ensure safety when using the new skiploader.”

Katajainen said that the new Futura combined forward thinking technology with “street smarts” and innovative design. “It is not only meant to function in easy surroundings, but also in narrow streets and unpredictable conditions.”

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