Safety technologies gaining ground in China

On occasion of the opening of Auto Shanghai, one of the largest automotive shows in China, Belgian company Wabco said that modern safety technologies are currently on the rise in the Middle Kingdom.

According to Wabco, advanced emergency braking systems (AEBS), which detect moving, stopping and stationary vehicles ahead, or camera-based lane departure warning devices are becoming increasingly popular in emerging economies, especially China.

Reportedly, three major commercial vehicle manufacturers in China – Foton, Yutong and BYD – recently signed agreements to equip their next-generation trucks and buses with Wabco-supplied safety systems, albeit mainly for the export market.

Wabco did not explicitly discuss the uptake of applications for the articulated trailer market in that context, but said it was now the first supplier of electronically controlled air suspension technology for the world's largest commercial vehicle market.

Image: A truck yard outside Shanghai. Photo: Sebastian Grote

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