Jost to premiere axle line-up in Birmingham

German equipment specialist Jost will use the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham to showcase its new range of Mercedes-Benz Trailer Axle Systems for the first time since taking over the brand in January. 

“The newly founded Jost Trailer Achsen Systeme GmbH, located in Kassel-Calden, manufactures and distributes the trailer axles of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The range of products includes disc-braked semi-trailer axles for standard, mega and distribution vehicle applications as well as steered trailer axles,” the company explained in a statement.

According to Jost, all new axle models have one thing in common – the Durable Compact Axle (DCA) body, which integrates axle tube, trailing arm, brake flange and axle journal in one unit.

“This innovative design makes for an extremely light but nevertheless robust construction. In combination with the maintenance-free cartridge bearing and the wheel hubs for 19.5-inch or 22.5-inch wheels, which have been tried and tested millions of times, resulting in a very long product life with a minimum of required maintenance.

“Thanks to the fact that tail ends are available in a standard, weight-optimised or application-specific design, as well as three different hanger bracket versions, the axles of the DCA Family are suitable for a great variety of fields of application – from tankers or silo tankers to standard or mega curtain-siders all the way to tipping trailers.”

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