Krueger joins forces with Schmitz Cargobull

Australian trailer building expert Krueger has recently signed an agreement with Schmitz Cargobull Australia. The joint venture will see the two businesses co-operate on the development and assembly of a new refrigerated multi-combination model specifically for the Australian market.

“It’s a classic ‘best of both worlds’ scenario,” said John Krueger, Managing Director of Krueger.

Under the new deal, Krueger will be responsible for the assembly of a German-made box body here in Australia, based on a proven Krueger B-double and road train chassis. The first jointly designed vehicle will be premiered at the Brisbane Truck Show in May.

“We’ve been scouting the globe for more than 18 months to find out which refrigerated body would suit the Australian market best. In fact, we’ve even considered building our own, but the Schmitz design is simply the best – with the unique metal skin and self-developed foam core, it’s virtually bulletproo,” said Krueger CEO, Andrew Arapakis.

“The Schmitz Cargobull body had been perfected over decades and its technology is many years ahead of what is currently available in the Australian market, so we decided we wanted to build on that heritage instead of playing catch-up. So why not combine it with our best in class proven chassis, which customers say is the best money can buy.” 

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