35 new Krone trailers for Greencarrier

Greencarrier Freight Services UK has expanded its trailer fleet with the addition of 20 Dry Liner box vans and 15 Profi Liner curtain-siders from Krone Trailers UK, on long term lease from TIP Trailer Services.

According to TIP, Greencarrier Freight Services UK has responded to continued strong demand and the new trailer equipment was fully utilised upon entering the vehicle fleet.

“We move a lot of relatively high value, packaged foods. The Dry Liners provide protection against moisture ingress and potential tampering. They are constructed from Duoplex steel, certified for beverage transport according to VDI 2700 BI.12 and are about as sturdy and durable as you can get for this type of trailer,” said Adam Gaunt, Fleet Controller for Greencarrier Freight Services UK.

According to TIP, the Dry Liners’ walls are of sandwich panel construction with a PVC inner coating and exterior steel skin and the 30mm-thick roof is insulated with a foam core and steel outer. The waterproof trailer floor is constructed from phenolic-coated plywood with a floor rating of up to 7,000kg for fork lift axle loading.

“The Profi Liner curtain-siders were chosen for their loading flexibility and are mainly used for groupage and general ro-ro ferry work,” said Gaunt.

“They often need to cope with outsized loads. This is where the sliding roofs and Multi Lock side rave strapping points come into their own. The trailers are specified with 10 multi positional post pockets in the floor centre and 10 pairs along the sides, which mean we can load virtually anything safely and securely along the entire trailer length. Furthermore, the curtains can be strapped from inside the trailer, which is a safety benefit much appreciated by our drivers.”

Reportedly, the Profi Liners are also constructed with phenolic-coated plywood floors to the same rating as the Dry Liners and both trailer specifications meet the European load security certification EN 12642 code XL. The tyres are Krone’s own-brand Easy Rider R22.5s.

According to TIP, maintenance for the Krone equipment is provided by TIP Trailer Services and emergency service is available from TIP’s European support network Roadside Assistance.

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